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    Tuesday, November 24, 2015   /   by Katherine Kiernan

    Did you Know - The Importance of Marketing your Home

    Did you know 50% of buyers will rule your house out based on marketing alone?

    Use great pictures
    Present your home in the best light possible
    Stage your home
    Listen to your agents recommendations

    Poor pictures can lead buyers to believe the home is a fixer upper which can cause them to rule your house out all together or present a lower offer.
    Even while emphasizing the fine details poor presentation can negate all of positives like, 

    Price Point
    # of Bedrooms
    # of Bathroom
    Square Footage
    Area of town
    School district

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    Ph ...

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    Monday, November 09, 2015   /   by Katherine Kiernan

    Did you Know - The 5’s P’s of Real Estate for Home Seller Should Know

    There are a few bare bones things that need to be done to sell your house. All agents do the 3 basic things. Put a sign in the Yard, Put it on the MLS, and Pray for a Sale.

    At Aspire Realty Team we are never satisfied with what everyone else is doing. We want to make sure you as the seller have the best experience possible and get top dollar for your house. So we have added two more P’s to that list to help make sure that your house sells for top dollar.
    Put a Sign in the Yard 

    This will help generate traffic by letting your neighbors and neighborhood know your house is for sale

    Put it on the MLS

    Putting your home on the MLS will let other real estate agents and prospective home buyers outside your neighborhood know the house is for sale

    Price to Sell

    Price is important all the time even in a seller’s market.
    Make sure your home is priced to comparable properties in the area. If it is overpriced this can really harm the salab ...

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    Monday, November 02, 2015   /   by Katherine Kiernan

    Did you Know – Sign in the Yard

    What this means for the Seller

    The home owner has hired an agent to represent them to get the best price for their house

    There has been a contractual number determined on what to pay the buyer’s agent.
    Calling on a house that is for sale without an agent representing you will not save you any money. The commission has already been built into the price.

    There are instances where the seller will get a discount on the commission they have to pay

    What this means for the buyer

    As a buyer having an agent represent you will work in your favor because your representation will work to get you the very best price on the house you love. This will help make sure you do not over pay for the house
    What a good buyer’s agent will do for you

    They bring their knowledge and experience of the market
    They have your best interest at heart
    This will work tirelessly to get you the best property for the very best price
    The agent works exclusive ...

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    Wednesday, August 05, 2015   /   by Katherine Kiernan

    Selling in a Seller’s Market: Price Still Matters

    As listing agents we love getting the highest dollar possible for our clients and we are willing to work very hard to do so.  However, it doesn’t matter how hard we work if the numbers just don’t add up.
    So what’s in a number?
    Sellers often come to us and state that they have a specific number in mind that they want for their house and state they wouldn’t be willing to take one penny less.  Oftentimes these sellers use phrases like, “Bob and Sue next door sold their house for $xxx and our house is WAY nicer than theirs so we should be able to get much more than that” or “I looked at my Zillow Zestimate and it says that my house should sell for $xxx.”  Sound familiar?
    Here is what Bob and Sue’s sale price and your Zillow Zestimate don’t tell you… The price that you will get for your property has a lot more pieces to it than what your neighbor’s house sold for.  For instance, when we run your ...

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    Friday, May 22, 2015   /   by Katherine Kiernan

    The Who’s Who

    There is no question in my mind that Kiernan/DeJean Property Associates at Element Realty truly has the world’s greatest clients.  The loyalty, honesty, and partnership we receive from our clients never ceases to amaze us… So much so that we have heard more than a dozen times, “I wanted you gals to enjoy a day off so I just called the number on the sign in the yard and had them come show me the house…”  While this is such an incredibly thoughtful gesture we often cringe at this because we recognize there is a conversation piece that may have been over looked or misunderstood. It is at this step of the conversation that we go back to the roots and breakdown the who’s who in real estate. With this, we decided to put it out there for our amazing readers to have as well so that when you are ready to take the exciting leap into the real estate pool you too will have this awesome information!
    Without further adieu we bring you the who& ...

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