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  • Did you Know – Sign in the Yard

    Monday, November 2, 2015   /   by Katherine Kiernan

    Did you Know – Sign in the Yard

    What this means for the Seller


    • The home owner has hired an agent to represent them to get the best price for their house
      • There has been a contractual number determined on what to pay the buyer’s agent.
      • Calling on a house that is for sale without an agent representing you will not save you any money. The commission has already been built into the price.
    • There are instances where the seller will get a discount on the commission they have to pay


    What this means for the buyer


    • As a buyer having an agent represent you will work in your favor because your representation will work to get you the very best price on the house you love. This will help make sure you do not over pay for the house
    • What a good buyer’s agent will do for you
      • They bring their knowledge and experience of the market
      • They have your best interest at heart
      • This will work tirelessly to get you the best property for the very best price
      • The agent works exclusively for you, not the seller. It is their job to negotiate and act in your best interest.
      • The agent is obligated to tell you all material facts about the house that they know. Ensuring you have all of the information available
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